venerdì, luglio 24, 2015

A night at the sea

The coastline was wild and calm. The waves crashed on the beach silently. Dry woods stood on the sand. A green line of pine trees framed the horizon. The summer air was warm, thick and scented.
The day was over. I undressed my working suit, I took off my shoes and I walked up north following the water line. A wave sometime crawled under my feet. On the West, the sunset was coloring the sky, some isolated clouds floating on the sea. On the East, the blue was getting darker, water and horizon collapsing into a smooth line.

I walked by a rudimental raft. Woods and strings still looked strong enough. It seemed that someone wanted to sail. I wanted it as well. I pulled the raft to the water, leaving two straight traces on the sand. I looked around. Still no one there, no one in that world. I moved on into the sea, reclined myself on the raft and turned my head sideways. My eyes were at the water level, staring at that flat and never-ending surface.

Phone calls, deadlines, rumors disappeared, everything did. I felt blessed and I wandered if I was worth all of that. A whole forest, a whole beach, a whole sea all to me. I opened my arms and I lowered my hands to the water. It was so calm, so transparent, so smooth, so reassuring. My fingers got lost in that hug and so did I. I stopped wandering and I let my little body float in that picture.

Only few sweet thoughts popped up, gently, every now and again. I cuddled them, till silently they sailed away leaving me quiet.

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