lunedì, gennaio 26, 2015

Amsterdam viaggio 1. Highlights

Citazione del viaggio (sottolineata in volo sulle Alpi):
“Pensai che il vero nemico di questa gente non era il potere del governo ma la loro mancanza di immaginazione”.
(M. Haruki – Norwegian Wood)

  • Riunione a 4. 4 persone di 4 nazioni diverse. Parlavamo in una quinta lingua, straniera per tutti. Oggetto: piano per organizzazione di paese sesto. Obiettivo di lungo periodo: partnership tra paesi sesto e altri paesi settimi. Mi sembra un buon inizio.
  • Sono riuscito a non sentire la sveglia e perdere un appuntamento. Voglio i soldi per la prossima pubblicità dell'Amaro Lucano
  • Spazio di lavoro collaborativo. Giorno uno. Pc, birra e prosecco. Di solito le cose che cominciano con un aperitivo godereccio sono le migliori.
  • Ho guardato un film iraniano in lingua originale con sottotitoli in olandese. Non parlo né iraniano né olandese. Grande fotografia e colonna sonora da urlo comunque.
  • Festa dell'International Film Festival allo Schouwburg di Rotterdam. Ho salutato più persone che a Rocca, San Piero o Bologna. Feels like home :-)
  • Arrivato a Bologna. Porto a casa in regalo un dono tutto mio e super personale. Mi sembra u ottima conclusione.

giovedì, gennaio 01, 2015

Buon 2015, appoggiato a una "S" / Happy 2015, based on a "S"

 ---> Italiano in apertura / English follows <-- b=""> 

--> Italiano


vi mando gli auguri per il nuovo anno. Ve li mando appoggiandoli a una lettera, la “S”. E' la lettera giusta per salutare il 2014 e dare il benvenuto al 2015. E' una storia “personale”, ma con tanti grazie vicini e lontani a chi direttamente e indirettamente ha reso possibile la mia avventura, talvolta sobbarcandosi noie personali aggiuntive.

Il 2014 è stato un anno Super. Lo potrei raccontare sotto molti punti di vista. Il più simpatico di questi mi sembra l'elenco dei luoghi toccati per conferenze, articoli, camminate. Grandi e piccoli sapientemente mixati.
New York, Stazzema, Montréal, Nicosia, Riga, Hoogezand, Bergen, Galati Mamertino, Amsterdam, Taormina, Flam, Dordrecht, San Bartolo, Anversa, l'Aia, Roma, Salsomaggiore, Oslo, Mazzin, Milano, Delft, Pesaro, Eindhoven, Firenze, Utrecht, Goteborg, Breda, Harlem e Aci Trezza. E poi tutti i quartieri di Rotterdam e i paesi e i sentieri di Romagna e Toscana, ma qui dovrei elencare vie, case e rovine. Troppo lungo. Meglio puntare gli occhi al futuro.

La “S” va bene anche per il 2015. “S” è l'iniziale della simpatica attività che contribuirò a far nascere ad Amsterdam tra 22 giorni esatti. Sarà un modo per contaminare maggiormente il mio impegno nella cultura con una maggiore impronta internazionale, così da seguire il mio fascino per il mondo e la sua diversità. Come compagna di avventura avrò una ragazza che arriva dalla Spagna. Ecco allora che la “S” ritorna una volta ancora.

Per il resto, fate voi, scegliete la vostra “S”. “S” può stare per serietà e sobrietà, ma non mi sembra che queste parole diano i risultati attesi. Dunque, vi auguro che nel 2015 “S” stia per un po' di “sorriso” e una ventata di “stranezza”. Divertitevi e po' e, come direbbe Verdone, fatelo strano ;-)

Un abbraccio e buon anno,

---> English

Hello everybody,

here my greetings for the new year. They will join you through the story of a letter, the “S”. Indeed, the “S” is the right letter to say bye to 2014 and welcome 2015. It is a personal story, but it is addressed to all the people that directly or indirectly made my adventure possible, sometime suffering extra personal troubles.

2014 was a Super year. I could talk about 2014 from many perspectives. The funniest one, I believe, is the list of the places that I came to visit for conferences, news making, long walks. Large cities and remote villages are perfectly balances.
New York, Stazzema, Montréal, Nicosia, Riga, Hoogezand, Bergen, Galati Mamertino, Amsterdam, Taormina, Flam, Dordrecht, San Bartolo, Anversa, l'Aia, Roma, Salsomaggiore, Oslo, Mazzin, Milano, Delft, Pesaro, Eindhoven, Firenze, Utrecht, Goteborg, Breda, Harlem and Aci Trezza. I should then list all the Rotterdam suburbs and towns and pathways of regions Italy and Tuscany, but  I should include streets, homes and ruins. Too much. Better move on to the next year.

The “S” suits 2015 as well. “S” is the first letter of the little company I am contributing to start up in Amsterdam. The company will be officially established in 22 days from now. It will be a way to add to my engagement with arts an culture a stronger international focus, therefore following my charm for the world and its diversity. As a business partner, I will have a Spanish friend from Bilbao. As you see, “S” matters once again.

That's it. Beyond this, feel free to make your own “S”. “S” could stand for sobriety and seriousness, but this attitude does not seem to bring too many positive impacts on people. Therefore, I wish you that in 2015 “S” will mean “smile” and “strangeness”. Have fun and, as the Italian movie director Carlo Verdone would say, “fatelo strano”, “make it weird”!

Happy new year and hugs everybody!


martedì, dicembre 09, 2014

A professional life. Chapter 2 – The Black Hole

(An introduction )
I want to follow the advice of a CEO. Pull in your professional history, reflect on it several times and come up with a captivating report, overtaking a little the boring summaries of a CV. I will take this challenge splitting the story in different chapters. This is the first release of chpter number two. It tells about the troubles of my first academic research.
Follow the tag “professional bio” to get all the chapters. 

By the end of the university, I had become a top student. The top results had become my standard result over the last two years of my Mass Communication program. If that had not been enough to enhance my self confidence, the top results came together with my first job assignments. I was therefore very confident about my final research. Let's say I was ambitious about it. Unfortunately, my confidence was based on wrong assumptions.

Suddenly, I realized that I was a devoted student, but I had no idea – really, not one bloody idea – to write about. I had become a master in reporting someone else idea, but none of these ideas were mine, none belonged to my world. I had never read a book beyond the ones recommended, I had never dared to talk to someone on the field, I had never collected an original statistics about on-going trends.

I had the feelings that I would have never have written any thing worthwhile. I had no positive vibrations about doing research; only negative sensations about a book I was supposed to give birth to. I felt so little in front of the magnitude of the task that the depression took over. A deep, dark depression. Literally, I saw everything black. I was so discomforting that no one, not even my best friends, could stand me longer than five minutes. Horrible.

Luckily enough, as a supervisor I had a professor who did not mind about over charging his students. In the initial short meetings, he was insensitive enough to ignore my depression, kick off my stupid proposals and throw in a massive empirical research about the communication of science on the Italian mass media. “Do you feel like inquiring into science communication? - he said – Well, first let's have a look at what is going on. Get the five main Italian newspapers, select the copies of the last six months and scan how and where genetics and biotechnology are reported on the national media”.

The initial task was massive but easy. So easy that even a fully depressed teenager could accomplish it. I took my mind to the library, on average ten hours a day, and I kept my mind so busy that it forgot about the depression. I was exhausted but I was able again to stop by my sister to get a coffee early in the morning and step out for a beer late in the evening. I was not simply able to talk. I was able to talk about my topic. Slowly, reading over and over again my news, I realized that I actually knew more about them than most of the people around, including my professor to a certain extent. If I were Joyce, I could call it “Epifania” :-)

Well, I have never become Joyce since then, but I am still proud of the story that I worked out. The narrative parallel that I traced to connect the news-making on genetics and biotechnology with some literary archetype was original. No on had ever figured it out before. It was a moment of full joy and total happiness.

I can still remember the first day off I took after a never ending rush of several months among libraries and video archives.  I wen to the Cinque Terre in Liguria. I felt the happiest man of the world. I stared at the fishermen harbor in Rio Maggiore and began to reflect on my time off right after the graduation. I came up with a plan. Of course, the plan did not come to work. My plans often work indeed, but hardly ever the way I originally conceived them. While I was thinking about a fluid word ahead, my first serious job interview was scheduled.